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Winter Vacation Family Fun

Arts and Crafts
Kids love to be creative, so crafting is perfect for those cozy days at home. Make the activity an eco-friendly exercise by challenging your children to reuse or recycle material from the house. Doll houses, cars and even bird-houses are just some of the possibilities.

Board Games
Board games are a time-tested family tradition. From brainy (Chess) to easy and fun (Snakes and Ladders), there is something for children of all ages and interests. Always make board game nights a family event; it’s a great bonding opportunity. 

Cooking and Baking
Most children would love to help out and feel useful if given the chance, and baking is a good deal of fun! Encourage your kids to use healthy ingredient like nuts, fruits, and raisins. Even if the end result isn’t perfect, your kids will be proud of their work. 

Game Console Tournament 
Think of this as family game night on overdrive. If you have teenagers, they are more likely to prefer this over a traditional game night. Get involved, even if you’re horrible at it. Your children will be eager to share their most favorite games with you. Many consoles offer ‘party’ or group games. 

Book Club
This might not seem like a very popular idea, but with many young adult books being turned into movies and TV series, books are gaining renewed interest. Make this a big group activity by recruiting neighbors, cousins and friends as reading buddies that your kids can swap and discuss books with. 

Movie Night
Hosting a movie night at home is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. Encourage your children to invite friends or cousins over and set up a genuine cinema atmosphere by making popcorn and rearranging the furniture. Don’t worry if the movie runs late into the night, just turn it into a sleepover.