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What Your Favorite Home Scent Says about You

Lemon is a great scent for improving alertness and relieving stress. If you love the zesty aroma of lemons, you probably prefer an uncluttered and well-organized home decorated with light colors. Personality-wise, you’re likely to have a hands-on approach to things, love the outdoors, and prefer an active lifestyle.

Warm and citrusy, oranges are wonderful summer scents that uplift your mood and leave your home smelling fresh and welcoming. Orange lovers are usually creative, playful and less strict about tidiness, and their homes are always popular hangouts. Studies indicate that the smell of oranges can ease stress and depression.  

Famous for its soothing properties, lavender is an ideal scent to relax to and is usually preferred by people with stressful jobs and responsibilities. If this is your favorite scent, you are sensible and down-to-earth in your decorating preferences, and you value a calm home environment. 

Romantics naturally gravitate to sweet floral scents. In addition to having a soft spot for classic movies and love at first sight, floral lovers are caring and deeply value friends and family. They also tend to decorate with comfort in mind, sticking to warm, inviting colors and plush fabrics. 

Ocean Breeze

Easygoing individuals who enjoy the scent of Ocean Breeze also tend to adore animals, treating their pets like members of their family. They also have a tendency to feel strongly about protecting the rights of others. Their homes are often decorated in light hues with a shabby chic look.