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The Dos & Don’ts of Home Safety

Keeping your family safe and sound at all times is an important priority for all mothers, and whilst you can’t always control the surrounding environment your family is in, you can make sure that when they are home they are well protected. Don’t forget accidents can happen so don’t fret if a small accident that was unavoidable occurs. Here is a list of important do’s and don’ts for your home’s safety. 

The Do’s 

• If you’re planning on an activity that involves somewhat dangerous instruments, put your family’s safety first and try to minimize the level of risk involved. If you think the activity is too dangerous, reconsider having it at all
• Make sure all your doors are closed and locked properly when you leave your house to prevent burglaries or strop harmful insects from entering your home
• Think about investing in a smart lighting system if you are away a lot; it’s a good way to give the impression that someone is always at home and discourage burglars from targeting your home
• Fit in smoke detectors and have your family practice the proper drill in a fire situation 
• Make sure that your garden or patio gate is locked properly at all times to hinder intruders from entering your home and compromising your children’s safety if they’re playing outside
• Use non-skid mats in your bathtubs, showers and on your bathroom floors to avoid slippery accidents
• Keep a first aid kit at home, and regularly clean out your medicine cabinet to dispose of expired medicines
• Regularly get rid of your household bacteria carriers  to make sure that your house is germ free
• Clean out your refrigerator and cabinets regularly to prevent one of your family members from eating expired foods

The Don’ts 

• If you are smokers, make sure you don’t smoke in your bed as this is a common cause of accidental fires
• Do not leave children unsupervised near a pool 
• Keep heaters or fire sources at a safe distance from beds to prevent a fire
• Keep your stairway clutter free
• Make sure that plastic utensils and other non-cooking equipment are kept at a safe distance from your oven
• When you are burning candles inside your home, make sure that you open a window
• Do not put cigarette stubs in a trash can whilst they are still lit 
• Do not store cleaning products and products that contain chemicals within easy access to children