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Teaching Kids Responsibility with Pets

Sharing Responsibility 
Most children get excited about taking care of a pet at first, but quickly lose interest after a week or two. Teach your kids accountability and the value of teamwork by dividing pet duties among all family members. Assigning tasks to kids helps them grow used to handling responsibility, especially if they see their parents and siblings doing it.

Committing to a Routine
Caring for a pet involves a lot of work, from scheduled feedings to regular grooming. Create a weekly calendar that shows what your kids need to do each day to guarantee the long-term health of the animal, and enforce it. Not only does it teach your kids discipline, but it also allows them to develop the ability to judge when additional care is needed.    

Being Attentive
Neglecting an animal has serious consequences. Putting out pet food, refilling the water bowl daily and taking the pet to the vet are all ways of having kids learn the importance of being mindful of their pet’s health and wellbeing. 

Developing Emotional Intelligence
Animals such as cats and dogs show human-like emotions. Handling pets enables children to recognize signs of anger, frustration, fear or playfulness, and adapt their behavior accordingly to avoid creating problematic situations. It also teaches them to react maturely to stressful situations.