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Staying Healthy during Cold & Flu Season

Navigating the cold and flu season unscathed can be tricky particularly since it lasts for so long, starting from October and ending in April. In order to help you arm yourself with the necessary tools to protect yourself and your family from illness, we’ve compiled a list of tactics you can use to prevent and nurse your loved ones back to health when needed. 

Immunity Boosting Foods
Your best line of defense against catching a cold or the flu virus is boosting your family’s immune system. You can do this through including the following foods in your family’s diet: 
• Garlic: In addition to being an effective immune-building ingredient, garlic increases resistance to infection and stress. For best results, crush garlic cloves to release their juice and add them as is to your food. 
• Cheese & Dairy Products: Dairy products contain conjugated linoleic acid which studies indicate can boost the immune system. Yogurt in particular contains probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria with immune-boosting benefits. Opt for dairy products sporting the “live active culture” seal that indicates that probiotics have been added. Also try getting milk containing vitamin D. 
• Vitamin C: A classic cold and flu preventative, Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits such as oranges as well as guava and red sweet pepper.
• Zinc: Zinc is an important contributor to a healthy immune system, and can be found in meat, chicken, peanuts and peanut butter among other things.  

Healthy Lifestyle Choices
Staying healthy primarily depends on choosing healthy lifestyle habits that keep your body in good shape to stave off illnesses and fight off infection. Such choices include the following:
• Wash your hands often 
• Don’t share cups, cutlery, towels or other items with others 
• Get plenty of rest
• Eat a well-balanced diet
• Exercise regularly
• Decrease stress
• Use a Fine tissue when sneezing or coughing
• Cut back on unhealthy habits such as smoking

Healing Foods & Feeling Better
While you can’t completely cure the cold or flu, certain foods and practices can speed up the healing process, and these include the following:
• Fresh Ginger Root: Ginger induces sweating and decreases nausea and diarrhea. To prepare a healing ginger brew, prepare ginger tea by grating 30g of ginger into half a liter of water, then cover and let it simmer for 10 minutes before adding lemon and honey then serving.  
• Chicken Soup & Warm Beverages: In addition to being nutritious, warm beverages and soups increase the flow of nasal secretions, which contribute to reducing cold symptoms. 
• Fluids & Rest: It’s important to drink plenty of water and wholesome herbal teas to replace lost fluids and get enough sleep to give the body the rest it needs to heal faster.

Keep Comfort at Hand
If you or a family member has caught the flu or cold, keep a box of Fine Lotion facial tissues in easy reach to avoid rawness and chaffing around the nose, and don’t forget to pack Fine Pocket Tissues in your and your children’s bags when leaving the home, because you never know when you’ll need them.