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Recycling at Home

Doing our bit for the planet can be as simple as rethinking what we do with the things around our homes. Reducing our household’s waste by recycling is one of the easiest ways to contribute.

Dividing and conquering  
It’s amazing how much junk we can amass over the years without realizing it. Decluttering your home periodically not only helps keep things in order, it also gives you fodder for recycling. Organize unwanted clutter into things you can donate, reuse and recycle, only throwing out items that can’t be made use of.

Getting creative  
Throwing things out should be a last resort; instead, look for ways to get old items to serve new purposes. For example, old glass jars can be used to store homemade pickles, jam, baby food, gardening seeds, coloring pencils, screws and bolts, and pretty much anything else that fits. You can also use clothes and towels that are too tattered to be donated as dusters, mops and cleaning cloths. Old cardboard boxes can be transformed into a fort or a doll house.

Sharing the joys of reading  
Who doesn’t have a pile of magazines and books lying around at one point or another? Instead of chucking them out when you’re done with them or let them sit there collecting dust, pass them on to your friends and relatives if they’re interested, or donate them to a community library where others can benefit from them.

Supporting the cycle  
Using products made from recycled material is one way of supporting the recycling cycle and helping reduce the need for extracting more virgin materials from the planet. There’s no shortage of recycled products on the market, ranging from printing paper to plastic chairs.