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Quick Christmas Decoration Ideas

Are you finding it hard to ignite that Christmas sparkle and spread some holiday cheer in your home amidst the fast-paced routine that you and your family lead? Do you want to prepare something different and special for Christmas this year but you can’t find the time for it? Don’t worry, you can still have a special Christmas with these simple and quick ideas:

Use festive bows and ribbons. One simple idea that you can use when decorating your home is putting up bows and ribbons. Anything in your home can be decorated with bows and ribbons, and you can tie ribbons around the backs of your chairs, along your stair railings, on your basket handles and door knobs, or around your drapes as drapery ties. You can either choose ribbons featuring traditional Christmas patterns and colors like the plaid and red and green, or coordinate the color of your ribbons with your decoration scheme for this Christmas.  

Put up Christmas wreaths. Decorate the windows and doors of your home with Christmas wreaths; you can further beautify your wreaths by using natural pinecones, Christmas ornaments and ribbons. It might be a good idea to purchase artificial wreathes, as they will last longer than natural ones. 

Add color to your home. You can spread some Christmas cheer through your house by adding more color to it. Start with decking your Christmas tree with lively decorations and ornaments, and drape the railings of your stairs, mirrors, windowsills and armoires with vibrant artificial or natural garlands. 

Spread some Christmas dazzle. You can spread some dazzle and sparkle around your home through sprinkling artificial snow over your tables, buffets or plants. You can also place twinkling ornaments in clear bowls and vases around your house to add a magical feel to your home. 

Decorate with sweets. Whoever thought that you can use food and sweets as Christmas decorations for your home? You can decorate your house with pretty baskets filled with loaves of freshly baked Christmas cake or cookies that are creatively wrapped, or you can fill up bowls with traditional candy canes and place them in various parts of your home for your guests and family to enjoy. If you are a big fan of baking and have that artistic touch, you can bake Christmas cookies and gingerbread men, or you can buy them from a bakery.

Use Fine Christmas packs. In addition to offering a variety of tastefully decorated tissue boxes in their Fine Living product range, Fine also offer colorful Christmas packs that feature a different festive design every year.