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On the Spot Calming Techniques

1. Think about the problem’s significance. This is especially effective when you are dealing with your children. If what they’ve done won’t really matter in 3 years, then maybe you can let this one go. Remind yourself that some things that seem important right now will not make a difference in a few years. 

2. Take deep breaths. Before you react, breathe deeply and repeat until you’ve calmed down. Doing so delivers more oxygen to your brain, helping it function at a higher level and tricking your body into thinking it is relaxed.

3. Walk away the stress. Sometimes it’s best if you remove yourself from the situation you are in. Take a walk outside; it will help you release tension and look at the situation from a new perspective. 

4. Listen to music. Music can be extremely relaxing as it helps you relate to other memories you experienced at a happier and calmer time. Try listening to or even humming along with your favorite tune, and you will find yourself a lot more relaxed. 

5. Write it down (but don't send it out!). This can be an extremely successful technique to use at work. Head to your computer or grab a pen and paper and write down your thoughts. Once you have gotten an emotional release, make sure you destroy or permanently delete what you’ve written.