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Look Great In Less Time

As a busy mom you might find yourself with less and less time to get ready before heading out of your house. Yes, it would be easier to avoid makeup altogether, but many women are not ready to face the day with a bare face. Whether you are getting ready for work, a night out or a lunch date with some friends and you are rushed for time, we have put together some fast makeup tips that will help you look radiant. Remember that in addition to making you feel better, makeup is often a great way to protect your skin from environmental hazards like the sun, age spots and wrinkles. 

The Steps

1. If your eyes are looking a little red an tired, use a squirt of eye drops to brighten them

2. Start by applying some favorite moisturizer to your face as a base for your foundation. If you do not like using heavy foundation, you may want to use some tinted moisturizer instead which moisturizes your skin and gives you some cover up. If you prefer more cover up, apply foundation and blend it well into your skin and around your jaw line 

3. Dab on some concealer in the areas where you feel you need the extra cover, up like underneath your eyes or for some blemish areas

4. Brush some loose powder onto your skin for extra staying power

5. Apply a coat of lashing mascara. You may even want to use an eyelash curler to make your eyes look bigger 

6. Apply blusher to your cheeks with a big brush, making sure to extend the color towards your ear

7. Finally, apply a coat of lipstick or gloss to your lips for a natural healthy shine 

Things to Remember

• Whatever your hair color, always use black mascara to accentuate your eyes
• Navy eyeliner makes eyes look instantly brighter and more awake
• Look for body scrubs that double as a body cream to save time 
• Practice makes perfect. You will have to practice this routine, and eventually it will take you less time
• Be open to a new look and try out different makeup routines until you find one that suits you best
• Less is usually more so resist the urge to apply heavy makeup, which usually doesn’t look that great