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How Colors Affect Our Mood

Red is one of the most powerful, emotion-evoking and adrenalin-inducing colors. While it can serve as the primary element in living rooms, where it can help stimulate conversation, red is best used as an accent with other hues or in more subdued ways. When mixed with white, reds can feel soft and feminine, making them a favorite for decorating little girls’ bedrooms.

Calming and neutral, green represents balance and harmony, and is often used to depict nature. When used in subdued shades, green can be very versatile, easy on the eye, and suitable as a base color or accent. Green is an excellent choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, or spaces where people go to relax.   

Believed to slow the heart rate and bring down blood pressure, popular blue is the color of serenity, peace and security. Unlike red, blue triggers the production of calming chemicals in our bodies, helping relieve tension and stress. Whether used in the bedroom, living room or office, warmer shades of blue work well as backgrounds and an accents. 

Purple plays different roles based on its hue. As strategically-placed accents in neutral-colored rooms, dark shades can make a bold statement and promote creativity in artistic work spaces. In turn, lighter shades create a calm or romantic mood ideal for nurseries and bedrooms. 

Yellow is a happy and energetic color that lends a light and sunny feel to small spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. In larger rooms, however, it can be overwhelming unless used as a highlight or accent color; research suggests that yellow in quantities can cause impatience and short tempers.

Orange combines the passion of red with the brightness of yellow, making it perfect for home gyms where it can help crank up your energy. While tough to get right when decorating other rooms, orange is great as an accent or ornament, adding brightness and splashes of color.