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Home Decorating Don’ts

Don’t start by choosing your paint. You have a limitless variety of paint options to choose from, but finding furniture and fabrics that fit your wall color scheme isn't as simple. Your first step when decorating should be buying your furniture, and then choosing or custom-mixing the paint. 

Don’t ignore the room’s focal point. Focal points are items or design features in a room that naturally draw the eye, and when decorated properly they can add extra dimension and interest to the room. A focal point could be anything from a wide window to a fireplace or a large painting; whatever it is, make sure that you take full advantage of it.  

Don’t try to match everything. Rooms with color schemes that include too many of the same hues tend to be boring. Mix things up by using a couple of accent colors that work well together, with two neutral shades. Keeping this scheme as your base, combine different accessories and furniture styles that complement each other but don’t match.

Don’t arrange furniture along the walls. Instead, give the room a warm and inviting look by creating interesting furniture groupings where possible. Make sure that the layout does not result in difficult walkways, awkward corners and obstacles.

Don’t overdo the accessories. Ornaments and mementos are great for adding character to a room, but too many will create a cluttered look. Limit decorative items, especially if you don’t have wide spaces, and arrange them in interesting displays rather than scattering them around the room.  

Don’t include useless items. Every piece of furniture and accessory should either be there because it serves a purpose or because you really like it. Adding items just because you have them limits space needlessly, negatively impacts the room’s layout, and results in clutter.