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Helping Dad Quit Smoking

You are worried about the health and wellbeing of your husband and family, you have tried many times to make your husband drop this fatal habit, but it seems that all your efforts to make him quit smoking have reached a dead end. Don’t give up! Read on to find some tips and ideas that will help you convince your husband to quit smoking: 

Change your approach. If you are one of those wives who confront their husbands with bare facts without any reasoning, we advise you to change your approach. Instead of confronting him with the facts, try to be intimate and personal, reveal why you are concerned about his health, and tell him that you are afraid of losing him to one of the diseases associated with smoking. Also share your worries with him about the health hazards related to second-hand smoking he may be subjecting you and your children to. Always aim to use reasons that have a strong influence on your husband. 

Be supportive. Succeeding in reasoning with your husband to quit smoking once and for all does not imply the end of your role. Keep in mind that quitting is not that simple and that many people have fallen off the wagon and relapsed. Be supportive of your husband and introduce him to the different methods that are available to help him through this journey. 95% of those who tried to quit smoking without receiving any kind of help have failed. Suggest using nicotine gum, patches or lozenges in order to subdue any cravings to smoke again. If both of you agreed to use nicotine free products, you can always visit a physician to prescribe certain products that reduce the onset of the cravings by affecting the chemicals in the brain. Inform your family and friends as well about your husband’s decision and that their encouragement and support will empower and assist him in reaching his goal.  

Get rid of any triggers. Remember to toss away everything that is associated with smoking including but not limited to ashtrays, lighters and matches since the mere presence of these items can kindle your husband’s desire to smoke. Make sure that you cleanse your house, clothes and draperies from any smoke odors and similar scents as they may tempt your husband to smoke again.  

Introduce him to a healthy lifestyle. Encourage your husband to exercise more often either by something as simple as taking short walks around the neighborhood, or by going to play football with the guys. You don’t want to be too radical so as not to impose too many changes at once, however it has been proven that exercise is a good way to reduce and subdue nicotine cravings. Some studies have also shown that a healthy diet comprised of fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products will make cigarettes taste terrible which will diminish any chances of your husband surrendering to his nicotine cravings.   

Keep stress at a minimum level. One of the main reasons why people take up smoking is the unwinding effect of nicotine. Try your best to reduce the level of stress in your home right after your husband’s decision to quit; keep your children in the loop and let them understand that their dad is going through a critical time which requires them to tune down the frequency of their rows and rivalry. You can bring your husband’s stress level down either by playing soft music, scheduling him in for a massage appointment, or introducing any other stress reducing activities.