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Easy Solutions for Difficult Stains

Coffee: Immediately pour a generous amount of laundry stain remover or liquid dishwashing detergent onto the area before washing the fabric in warm water. Make sure that the water temperature meets the fabric’s care specifications to avoid damaging it. 

Grease: Spread baking soda or baby powder onto the stain and leave it on until the powder absorbs the grease. If the stain remains, place a white cloth underneath it and directly apply onto the stain a dry-cleaning solvent that works for both washable and dry-clean-only fabrics. 

Chocolate: Once the chocolate dries, gently scrape it off with a spoon, place a white cloth under the stain and directly apply onto it a dry-cleaning solvent for washable and dry-clean-only fabrics. Blot the stain with an absorbent Fine paper towel, rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

Ink: Place a clean rag under the stain then directly apply hairspray onto the ink until the fabric is soaked. After a few seconds, use another clean rag to blot the area. Repeat the process until the stain is removed and then immediately wash the fabric as usual. 

Blood: Wash the stain with cold water as soon as possible. When it fades, use a dry-cleaning solvent for dry-clean-only fabrics, or a laundry stain remover for washable fabrics, to get rid of it completely.