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5 Fun Christmas Activities

Christmas Bingo
Bingo is an all-time classic that kids of all ages can enjoy. Print out this downloadable bingo template and get your children playing. Don’t forget to set aside a few small gifts or treats for the winners to make things more interesting!
Printable template

Holiday Memory Game
Hold a memory game competition with special prizes for each level’s winner. Either have your children prepare their own set of memory cards by having them draw, color and cut them out, or use this printable version for a quick start. Begin with a single set of memory cards for the easiest level, then add another set for the second level, and then place a time limit for the third and final level.  
Printable template

Candy Jar Challenge 
Fill a transparent jar with jelly beans, candy canes, chocolates and an assortment of other treats, and have everyone try to guess the number of each type of candy in the jar. The closest guesses get a prize each!

Two Truths & a Lie 
For this game you’ll need a group of players. Each person takes a turn by telling two true stories about themselves and one false story, and the other players have to guess which story is the lie. This could cover topics like the three best/worst Christmas gifts received, most embarrassing situations experienced, or anything else that comes to mind. 

Who Am I?
You’ll need a group of four or more people for this guessing game. Write down the names of famous celebrities, cartoon/movie characters or Christmas figures on sticky notes, and then attach one sticky note on each player’s forehead without that person seeing what’s written on it. Each player needs to guess the character on his or her sticky note by asking the other players ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions. Each player takes a turn to ask one question until he or she guesses their character correctly.