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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Car Clean

Start with a clean slate.
If you want to maintain your car's cleanliness, you need to start with a spotless car. Set time aside during the weekend to thoroughly clean the vehicle yourself; remembering the hard work you had to put in might make you less likely to let it get messy soon afterwards. If you don’t have the time or means to do it yourself, take your car to a car wash instead.

Don’t eat, drink or smoke in your car.
Spills, crumbs and ash will have your interior looking dirty in no time. Eating, drinking and smoking in your car can also amass a large amount of trash or clutter, like wrappers and empty boxes. If you already eat, drink and/or smoke in your car, stopping now will give you immediate results.

Keep a trash bag in your car.
Even if you stopped eating in your car, you can still gather a surprising amount of trash. Flyers, receipts and CD cases, among other things, will soon build up and catch you off guard. Keep a trash bag in your vehicle and throw away what you don’t need immediately to eliminate litter. 

Deal with spills immediately.
If you’re in the habit of having a cup of coffee on the morning drive to work, or your children tend to drink juice in the back seat, it’s likely that you’ll experience a spill or two at some point. Deal with the spills immediately! The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the stain will set. Soak the area with water then dry it with Fine Auto tissues as a temporary solution until you can pass by a carwash.

Keep a cleaning kit.
Every car should have a cleaning kit. Whether it’s to keep your vehicle smelling and looking fresh or dealing with messes, cleaning kits will help you maintain a pristine interior. For a basic kit, include a pack of wet wipes, ammonia-free glass cleaner, a car seat deodorizer, and a box of absorbent Fine Auto tissues.