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Using sustainable, eco-friendly practices is important to Fine

Because our goal is to create healthy, happy and carefree environments both inside your home and outside it. That is why Fine uses energy and water efficient production practices, sources its virgin pulp from well-managed woodlands, actively supports reforestation efforts, and creates recyclable product packaging. All of our tissue mills are certified as sustainable by internationally-recognized third parties, and we try to limit waste by selling excess materials to other industries and have them put to good use. We also generate our own green electricity and use the resulting hot air to dry paper instead of releasing it into the atmosphere, achieving amongst the highest rates of energy utilization. Amidst major environmental issues such as climate change and global warming, we're always on the lookout for better, more efficient ways of increasing our production efficiency, saving energy, recycling used materials, and reducing resulting waste to ensure that we help create a safe environment for future generations, just as we've been doing for previous ones.