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You and your family deserve to thrive in a healthy, carefree and bright environment, which is why Fine has been cultivating the latest technologies over the years to bring you the best hygienic products possible. For over fifty years, Fine has been right by your side, making sure that your home and loved ones stay clean and safe in an ever-changing world, giving you time to appreciate what's truly important in life and enjoy precious moments with your family. 

Thanks to generations of satisfied consumers and our uncompromising commitment to quality, Fine has been awarded a number of accolades throughout our journey together. More recently in 2003, we were the first to introduce SteriPro technology in the region, guaranteeing your wellbeing by giving you 100% germ-free tissues. In 2005, Fine began using the revolutionary WetPro technology, providing you with convenient toilet paper that stays strong when used but disintegrates when flushed. Your confidence in us set Fine in ninth place on Forbes Arabia’s Top 40 Arab Brands list in 2008, and in 2009 Forbes Arabia chose Fine as the number one tissue brand in the Middle East. 

We're here to take care of you and your family's basic needs at every stage of your life so that you can focus on creating beautiful memories and enjoying every day as it comes. So, take a load off your shoulders, free up your time for things that really matter, and immerse yourself in the carefree world of Fine.